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Final Declaration of the VI International Congress of Knowledge of Africans, Americans and Caribbeans

VI Congreso de Saberes Africanos Americanos y CaribeñosVI Congreso de Saberes Africanos Americanos y Caribeños

Final Declaration of the VI International Congress of Knowledge of Africans, Americans and Caribbeans

"Current Conflicts and New Political Trends in the Globalizing South."

Held from November 16 to 18, 2022 in Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in the context of the International Book Fair of Venezuela (FILVEN 2022).

Considering the emergence of important political and social movements within the countries and peoples of the globalizing South, which fight against the oppression and exploitation of the imperialist powers.

Considering that in the northern powers there is also the South in relevant sectors of the population suffering hunger and misery, which generates resistance and combat against the exploiters and the capitalist regime.

Considering that in the Covid-19 pandemic the powers of the North have once again demonstrated their individualistic, selfish and exploitative face, by refusing to release the patents of vaccines, harming the countries of the South.

Aware that the struggle against injustice and exploitation unites us in diversity as the globalizing South, whose ties are stronger every day.

Convinced that the construction of a more dignified and humane society must be inclusive, taking into account cultural aspects, languages, religious beliefs, ethnic origins, gender equality and respect for Mother Earth.

Faithful to the legacy of the leaders of the globalizing South, who dedicated their lives to the struggle against colonialism, exclusion, racism and for freedom, justice and equality.

Convinced that the study and knowledge of the historical, political, social and cultural processes of the countries and peoples of the globalizing South will provide us with ideological strength to fight the imperial powers.

Taking into account that the threat of nuclear war and the use of weapons of mass destruction endanger the existence of humanity, as a result of the imperial ambitions of the United States and its allies in the European Union, who refuse to accept the end of the unipolar world.

Faced with the new reality that Our American Continent is undergoing, which is witnessing the return of vanguard, leftist, popular and progressive governments that propose the unity of the region, the forces of the international right with the complicity of the US empire seek to sabotage Simon Bolivar's ideal of the "Patria Grande" (the Larger Latin American and Caribbean Motherland).

Observing the attempts of the imperial powers of Europe and the United States to recolonize Africa and the Arabian Peninsula through the exploitation of their eco-systemic riches and the stimulation of fratricidal wars of religious character.

Considering the events in Asia and the attempts of the United States to counteract the influence of China on a global scale by encouraging the separatism of Taiwan and rearming Japan, maintaining the blockade of Iran and the formation of the QUAD group, made up of the United States, India, Australia and Japan.

Taking into account the attempts to colonize Russia through wars of conquest by the United States and the European Union, with its armed wing, NATO, through unconditional support to Ukraine in the conflict currently developing in that region.

Noting that the climate crisis has become a threat to the industrialized world, but equally the consequences are of an irreversible nature for the countries of the global South and their peoples, where the majority of humanity is concentrated, with high levels of poverty and misery, which is exacerbated by devastating floods, intense heat waves, heavy rains, storms and hurricanes.

Considering that the countries of the Insular Caribbean, without being the cause of high pollution, suffer the strong impact of climate change, where the first causes of the impact are the transnational oil and gas companies, which generate the rise in sea level, ocean storms, and hurricanes that hit this region.

Reflecting that in the 21st century in the Insular Caribbean, fourteen countries have government regimes tied to the British monarchy, which makes them obsolete systems of government in the midst of a republican and democratic era:

We, the participants of the of the VI International Congress of Knowledge of Africans, Americans and Caribbeans "Current Conflicts and New Political Trends in the Globalizing South," have gathered in the City of Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, from November 16 to 18, 2022, both where we have presented our research on the associated topics, and where we were summoned upon, hereby declare:

1º We recognize the importance of the study of the thinking of the most outstanding figures in the anti-colonialist struggle in Africa, Our American Continent and Asia, as well as the contribution of the struggle of the peoples, whose purpose is to conquer a more dignified and humane society and the integration of the governments and peoples of the globalizing South, which serve as political and cultural support for the struggles for the second and true independence.

2º We reject the false religious wars promoted by the powers of the North towards Africa and the Arab countries in order to continue exploiting the natural resources together with the geopolitical control of the region, as is happening today in Mali, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Somalia, Mozambique, Yemen, Western Sahara, among others. 

3º We demand respect for, as we are respectful of, the right of the peoples of the South to build the political and social project that represents their self-determination and sovereignty without any kind of external intervention.

4º We welcome the arrival of a new government in the Republic of Colombia and the significant presence of the Afro-descendant peoples represented by Vice-President Francia Márquez. Likewise, we rejoice for the electoral triumph of comrade Lula Da Silva, against the forces of fascism in Brazil. This new wave of leftist, progressive or vanguard governments in our American Continent are a great stimulus to strengthen the mechanisms of integration and regional cooperation such as CAN, UNASUR, CELAC, ALBA, MERCOSUR and the relaunching of the South America-Africa Summit (ASA).

5º We condemn the separatist and coup attempts of the Bolivian right wing that tries to divide Bolivia in order to weaken the political project of Good Living and the integration of our American Continent. We also repudiate the proposal of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, to once again send forces of supposed pacification to occupy and quell the popular uprising in Haiti, under the pretext of eliminating drug gangs.    

6º We welcome the adoption of a republican system by Barbados, leaving behind the British head of state, and likewise support the proposals of the countries of Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which have also initiated the process to adopt a republican and non-monarchical system of government.

7 º We support the declaration of the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda who, on behalf of the countries of the Insular Caribbean, proposed at COP27 in Egypt that oil and gas transnationals should pay a global carbon tax on their profits as a source of financing for the damage and loss they cause to nature.

8º We strongly defend ecosystem safeguards. For this reason, we welcome the initiative of the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, supported by the government of Venezuela and Suriname, to recover the boundaries and protect the Amazon.

9º We reject the role played by the mass media, which are in favor of the policies of the capitalist system and against the popular movements, in order to demobilize them, hiding and distorting reality.

10º We condemn the policy implemented by the ruling classes through FAKE NEWS and LAWFARE; communication policy based on lies and complemented with judges of right-wing political tendencies trained in the United States, to discredit popular leaders and remove them from political activity by inventing and setting up court cases with false accusations of corruption to condemn them to prison, as has been attempted with Rafael Correa in Ecuador and Cristina Fernandez in Argentina, and as happened with Lula Da Silva in Brazil.

11º We condemn the brutal economic war promoted by the northern power against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, socialist Cuba, Sandinista Nicaragua, Iran and the Russian Federation, with the aim of weakening the popular support that sustains the political projects of the aforementioned countries.

12º We reject the imperialist aggression of the United States, the European Union and its armed wing, NATO, against African and Arab countries, which has caused the death and extermination of entire populations and the destruction of their cultural heritage. 

13º We condemn the provocations against China and the explicit support to the separatist ambitions of Taiwan, as well as the instigation of war in the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, in order to balkanize the Slavic country, seeking political control of the region. 

14 º  We oppose the aggressive U.S. imperial policy that could lead to a nuclear war, endangering the existence of the human species and all living beings. 

15º We advocate world peace and peaceful coexistence among the diverse governments and peoples of the world.

16º We identify with and value the emancipatory processes of the countries and peoples of the globalizing South, and we commit ourselves to their unconditional defense, in whatever terrain circumstances impose upon us.

17º We highlight the legacy of Commanders Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez Frías, for their clear and convincing ideas, driving knowledge, always emphasizing the permanent struggle for the integration of the governments and peoples of the South.

18º We reiterate our support to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its historical and legitimate right to exercise its sovereignty over the Essequibo Territory, and the recognition of the Geneva Agreement as the only instrument to reach a solution to the territorial dispute with the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

19º We are aware that the destiny of the Bolivarian political process is also the destiny of the peoples of the global South and especially of Our American Continent, and to a large extent the hope of humanity for a world of justice, peace and love. We firmly and decisively condemn the seizure of Venezuelan gold in the United Kingdom and the expropriation of the company Citgo in the United States. We reiterate our commitment and solidarity with the revolution, the people and the Bolivarian government of Venezuela.

20º We aspire and propose that these events be held periodically in the land of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, and that similar activities also take place in other countries of the Global South, in order to massify the theory that illuminates the revolutionary action of the peoples.

21º We thank the staff of the Institute for Strategic Research on Africa and its Diaspora "Center for African, Caribbean and the Americas Wisdom," and especially its founding rector, Reinaldo Bolivar, the Simon Bolivar Institute, the Miranda International Center, the Simon Rodriguez National Experimental University, the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, the Catholic University Santa Rosa de Lima, the Universidad Politécnica Territorial de Aragua, the Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes, for the organization and the Ministry of People’s Power for Culture, the Ministry of People’s Power for University Education, the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with the African Parliament and the Bolivian Museum, for their support to this event. We thank the media of Venezuela and the Global South that covered the development of this important congress.

22º We thank the Institute for Strategic Research on Africa and its Diaspora for the attentions and opportunities provided as the venue for this VI Congress to present our work and experiences, which will surely result in greater knowledge and commitment to the struggle of the peoples and governments of the vanguard, left and progressive South.

23º We, the participants of the VI International Congress of Knowledge of Africans, Americans and Caribbeans "Current Conflicts and New Political Trends of the Global South,” do hereby approve this final declaration on the 18th day of the month of November 2022, at the City of Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

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